The Interminglings of Lesbians

This is a short story that concerns something that happened yesterday between me and my roommate. I think it’s actually quite funny, but I don’t think my roommate was as amused as I was.

She was gushing about this new girl she’s been seeing to me and my friend who was visiting. She described a greek goddess and it was clear that she was quite taken with her. Naturally, my friend and I asked for a picture. My roommate pulled up Dream Girl’s Instagram account and I thought she looked familiar… I scrolled down further and stumbled upon pictures I had seen before on another app a few years ago.

I knew this girl. Well, I knew of her. I had spoken maybe 3 words to her once, years ago, back in my little homophobic hometown.

I used to work at O’Reilly Auto Parts and I would sometimes stop by an asian restaurant for some sushi rolls. One day, I was walking in and I was greeted by this beautiful girl- the same girl my roommate is currently talking to.

I asked her for her name and said thank you and left. Later that month, I downloaded a lesbian dating app and she happened to be on it as well. I don’t think we matched on there, but I thought it was funny because I had gotten some “gay vibes” when I met her in the restaurant and her presence on the app confirmed that she at least had same-sex curiosity.

So, yesterday, when I told my roommate that I knew this girl, her face kind of dropped and I hope she doesn’t think we have some sort of history because we definitely have none. I told her that I didn’t date her or even say more than 3 words to her, but her reaction seemed troubling.

We’ll see what happens.

The L Word advertised this chart of all the women who slept with other women and this situation made me think of that because while I don’t know every single lesbian on this planet, it seems that me and my friends all know the same ones, and now my roommate and I have a mutual as well.

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