Pet Peeves on Dating Apps

As you all know, I have entered the world of dating apps. I have a few chats open with a few different women and I just can’t catch a break! They’re all doing the things I hate!

  • No one is making the first move. Mind you, I don’t mind, I will message people no problem, but literally NO ONE is messaging me first. Ugh.
  • I’m asking ALL the questions. Do they even want to know anything about me?
  • Going off of that last bullet, I also hate when people answer my questions beautifully, like super detail, almost paragraphs, and then they STILL don’t ask me anything.
  • “Cool.”, “K.”, “That’s good.”. Need I even say more about these types of responses??? What is wrong people? How am I supposed to bounce off of that?
  • Some girls will set you up to ask them out, but when you do they back out. That happened to me recently. She said she’d never been somewhere I mentioned, and said she’d love to go sometime, but didn’t want to go alone. I proposed we go the following week to check it out and she says that she’s didn’t really want to go out after work, maybe the weekend, but probably not. It was weird. She said she would let me know as the date got closer, but that never happened. I stopped texting her and she never texted me either. So that was fun.

I also don’t like how the scammer messages are always like, “I missed my flight, I’m only here for one night, are u busy??” LMAO. It’s Monday. I’m at work, bitch. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s actually a scammer and who’s actually stuck in town (haha).

So, I’m on dating apps. It’s a blast. I’ll keep you all updated on my interactions.