Actually moving.

In my last post I explained how we were planning on moving out of our apartment early and moving into a rental house. I also posted updates sharing how we got denied for all of the houses we viewed. It seems that no one wants to rent to young adults with no kids and no pets, even though their combined incomes are more than enough to cover rent. That’s cool.

So we decided to buy a house.

It was a decision made in a matter of minutes. I was frustrated with the renting situation and several family members and also my bosses advised me to just buy a house.

So, yeah, we are actually buying a house. I am 24 and my fiancé is 26. I am relieved, excited, nervous, and so happy all at once. We will definitely be living off of rice and beans for a hot minute while we replenish our savings, but I think this decision was the right one.

We close on the house next Friday and we will start painting that day. We hope to move in on May 8th and close our lease here at the apartment on the 14th.