An exciting new chapter!

I have great news! I am starting a new job in about 2 weeks! More details on that below, but firstly, I’d like to give a Prozac update: today marks the 10th day that I’ve been on 20 mg of Prozac, and I can’t say that I’ve gone through any tremendous changes in terms of my anxiety and OCD yet; however, the side of effect of drowsiness and feeling sleepy is hitting me HARD. Apparently, this is completely normal in the first few weeks, and as my body gets used to the medication, that side effect should subside. We shall see about that, won’t we? For now, I take a nap every afternoon, and that helps a bit.

Now, on to the fun stuff! Last Friday, I was offered a position with a local non-profit as a Business Manager. The organization assists people with disabilities find jobs, housing, and community/volunteering opportunities. The office only has 3 other ladies working in it, and we each have our own office. This job will be mostly in person, but I do have the option of working from home once or twice per week after my training period. My job duties will cover some admin, some HR, and some accounting. It’s actually extremely similar to what I did prior to my recruiting job, so I’m looking forward to a position with less emphasis on numbers and profit, and more of a focus on community and giving back.

Some other notes about the past week or so:

  • I have most definitely put up our Christmas tree
  • It has been in the 30s in Atlanta this week (and rainy!)
  • My wife is currently obsessed with keyboards and making them “thocky” (please, just look it up)
  • I baked some thumbprint cookies last week- the first thing I’ve baked in about 2 months
  • I painted the one navy blue wall in our bedroom and I LOVE IT! The bedroom now gives red clay vibes. Very calm.

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