My First Day of My New Job

Yesterday, December 1, 2022, was my very first day at my new job and I was SO excited when I walked up to the front doors. My boss went over a detailed history of the founder, the organization, and the people they serve. I got to meet lots of their clients and I was shown to my own office! It is actually bigger than I thought it would be, and they said that I can decorate it however I want (including painting, hanging things up, all that jazz!).

Most of my day yesterday was spent doing CPR training and signing A LOT of forms. Because of the nature of the organization and the types of people they serve, there is a little more paperwork than usual to go through, but it is worth it. My boss even confessed that when her coworker of 30+ years found my resume online, she immediately showed it to her, and said “we found her!”, so that was really reassuring that they truly were excited about welcoming me in, and feeling like I was a good fit for them. I really appreciated her telling me that.

Today, I will register myself for the in-person CPR Skills Training Session (for next Tuesday). I will also brainstorm how I want my office to look because it is really important to feel good in my work space. I just may need to wait until next year if it entails me wanting to purchase anything for it because I am only getting 3 weeks worth of pay this month (office is closed for Christmas, and since I am new without PTO, I have none to use).

So, all in all, I am happy and excited to begin this new chapter. The goal is also to remain here until we move out of Georgia (3+ years). I also am hoping to start my master’s degree next fall, so I am really pumped about that, too!

Prozac update: it’s going well, I feel like I’ve been happier and less high-strung. I also feel like I have been sleeping better, so that is a continued benefit. I have not felt any side effects.