Thanks for visiting The Anxious Lesbian! Professionally, I’m an HR professional in Atlanta, GA who enjoys writing, watching ghost-hunting videos, and baking. Privately, I’m the producer of many voices, bendy body movements, and fake scenarios in my head that result in real anxiety.


Honestly, I don’t have a ton of updates. I would say that these are the main ones:

My First Day of My New Job

Yesterday, December 1, 2022, was my very first day at my new job and I was SO excited when I walked up to the front doors. My boss went over a detailed history of the founder, the organization, and the people they serve. I got to meet lots of their clients and I was shown…

An exciting new chapter!

I have great news! I am starting a new job in about 2 weeks! More details on that below, but firstly, I’d like to give a Prozac update: today marks the 10th day that I’ve been on 20 mg of Prozac, and I can’t say that I’ve gone through any tremendous changes in terms of…


So, after 12 years of anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, and nervous sweating, I have finally decided to give medication a whirl. I’ve done therapy for a few years now, and I do find it’s been helping me be more kind to myself and not have such unrealistically high expectations for myself; however, I can’t…